In our last blog, we talked about emergency preparedness and then the eastern half of the country was hit with power outages from the huge storms that rolled through on Friday. There are so many people who are surviving without the benefits of electricity and they may be without for the next few days. And there are still people evacuated in several western states because of the raging wildfires.

What does all this mean for you and your business? Let’s look at the following items:

  1. Make a plan for the “just in case” things that happen. Do you have a box ready with all your important papers and your home inventory if you need to leave? Do you have a list of your policy numbers and important telephone numbers? Take a few minutes and look around at home to see what else you need to add to the box. Do you have emergency supplies put together to survive for several days – water, ready-to-eat foods, first aid supplies? These are just some things to keep you and your family safe. Have you backed up your computer and saved important documents and pictures to a portable drive?
  2. Do you have a plan for your business – updated lists of telephone numbers to contact your employees, your customers and your suppliers? Most businesses have a fire evacuation plan, but do you have another site that your employees can report to if your building isn’t accessible? Do you have a back-up plan if something happens to one of your key suppliers?

There are websites to help you with preparedness and with more detailed information. Here’s a good one:

If you don’t have a back-up temporary staffing supplier, please call our closest office to talk to one of our staffing professionals. You don’t want to be caught without people to keep your business running. Let us get to know you now, before you have an emergency so we can put a plan in place. We have skilled, pre-screened temporary administrative, management, accounting, customer service, engineering, quality, production and distribution personnel ready to move into key positions in your business to support your growth. You can find one of our offices easily – click here.