Emergency situations have been in the news the past few weeks and we have all seen the devastation they cause.

However, the events that affect your business don’t always have to be news worthy to be considered an emergency. A person in a key role who is sick or off work for other reasons can be a huge emergency within your company. A supplier you have worked with which unexpectedly closes their doors can send floods of panic through your halls. The Scout motto “be prepared” fits all these situations.

Crown Services can help you with one facet of your business preparedness that has far-reaching effects on literally every department and employee – staffing. A thorough staffing audit can help prepare you for almost any unexpected staffing situation. In a staffing audit, we find out some vital information about your business, your goals, your production and service standards and your culture. It’s not a lengthy process, but it gives us the ability to help you when you need us.

Generally a tour of your facility helps us create accurate descriptions of positions and duties and makes it easier to match candidates to positions. Actual job descriptions finish providing the specific details, but those can wait until you have a job opening or an emergency staffing need.

Other information you might provide in this meeting include data on quality programs or company and industry-specific regulations and restrictions. The more you share about your goals, expansion plans and even your bottlenecks, the more complete our preparations can be.

Are you ready for a comprehensive temporary staffing- needs analysis so you can rest assured that you are covered in any emergency? If so, call our nearest office and talk to one of our staffing professionals to set a time to meet.