Picture this in your mind – walking out into the backyard and seeing a grove of trees – some laden with apples, the branches heavy enough to almost touch the ground, some thick with peaches ready to pick and enjoy. Finally there’s one in the middle, sunlight glistening down on people ready to go to work for you. Yes! It’s a people tree!

You and I both know that tree is imaginary. It’s something we wish existed to make finding employees easier. You could stand beside the tree and ask questions of all the candidates and get hundreds of responses. Then you could choose which person answered the questions with the answers you were looking for. Do you like to work in a group or by yourself? Do you like detailed computer work? Are you a numbers person or a people person? What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream (which is important for company parties)?

This imaginary tree would simplify your life and allow you to get back to other portions of your job. It would free you from posting lengthy job descriptions, paying for expensive ads and wading through that huge stack of resumes. Once you found the perfect candidate you could just say “come on down” like they do on The Price is Right.

Instead of looking for a magical people tree, pick up the telephone and call us. Tell us what type of employee would be the perfect fit. Just imagine yourself asking those questions beside the people tree and tell us what answers you are looking for. Let us do the searching for you. We don’t have a magic tree either, but we do have a staff of highly trained, committed professionals to find the right temporary or temp-to-hire employee. If it’s a manager or executive you are looking for, we can also help with a direct hire arrangement to better fit your needs. Click here to find our closest professional staffing and recruiting office.