You have gone through the entire process and hired someone for your open position. You ran ads and posted the job, you read resumes, interviewed, described the job and made an offer. They accepted your offer and you are relieved and ready to get back to the stack of work you set aside to take care of this process.

Several months later, you have a suspicion the person you hired isn’t working out like you hoped they would. Either they are making mistakes, or others are telling you they aren’t catching on.

You may be seeing a lack of quality in their work, failure to work with others, negative attitudes, attendance problems, customer complaints, inability to meet deadlines or other symptoms of a poor fit. You decide they may not have understood something about their job duties, so you invest in some more training.

Sometimes this extra training fixes the problem and everything goes back to normal. But what if it doesn’t? Where do you go now? Start with in-depth conversations with the person to ferret out the problem.

At this point, you begin being diligent about your documentation, just in case you can’t solve the problem. How long does all that paperwork take? How much is enough documentation? When do I make the decision to terminate the person’s employment with the company? Is this going to cause a legal battle? What arrangements should I make for severance? How much is my unemployment insurance going to go up?

Experts say the cost of hiring, training and all other costs of terminating an employee could add up to three times the person’s annual salary. If they decide to protest the termination and file legal action, all bets are off on the cost factor.

That’s a lot of bad news! Now the good news – working with a professional staffing company can help reduce the risk of a bad hire. Are you asking “how”?

We screen, interview, test and check references before you even see the resume. That means there are extra people involved and you can take your time and compare just a few candidates. A temp-to-hire arrangement will allow you to see several weeks of performance before you commit to the person.

 If problems crop up they can be addressed before the person goes on your payroll. Even if you think the person would be a great employee be patient and wait out the time so you are sure.  This process isn’t foolproof, but it certainly decreases your risk and your time investment.

If you think this sounds like a good deal to you, call us the next time you have an open position. Our staffing professional will be happy to discuss how this program will work for you. Click here for the nearest recruiting office.