Today, we’re joined by Richard Diana, President and CEO of Crown Services. What has he learned in his 39 years of staffing with Crown? Sometimes a temp job can lead to a full-time job.

Can a temporary job be a good lead into a good full time job? Yes!   Think about it: if a company is using a temp they must be busy and if they are busy, they are likely to have openings. 

So why are they using temps? Many times, it’s because they are running lean coming out of the recent recession and don’t have the administrative staff or time to do a full-blown recruiting and screening program. By using temps, they put all that onto the temp agency and get only qualified candidate in their door. They can now try-before-you-buy with the temp and determine if they are doing a good job and have a good attitude and are on time every day.  They may make this a temp-to-hire and take the person on after 90 days or just make a job offer and pay the agency a fee. In either case, the temp job was access to the full time position

If you’re picky about the company you work for, think about how a temp job can give you the real inside story on a company and how it feels to work for them. If you like what you see, you can take action while you’re there to inquire if full time jobs are available. If your temporary job is a fill-in until they find the just right person, then you’re in the perfect position to prove that you are that person. Again, without the temp job, you wouldn’t have had knowledge of the job opening or the chance to qualify for it.

If you’re a factory worker, then your opportunities abound for full-time work because many manufactures now maintain a two-level workforce with large numbers of contract workers from a temporary agency – maybe even half the workforce.  The other half is full-time workers on the company payroll with full company benefits. The little-known secret is the company only hires into their full-time workforce from the contractor pool. Why? Because they are proven workers with a known track record for attitude, work ethic, and promptness, the company doesn’t have to go outside. Again, without taking the temp job, there is no access to these openings.

There is growth in the economy and growth in employment, but many jobs start as temp jobs and are not available on the open market. Not fair; maybe so, but it is still fact. There are good logical reasons for this. The future presents great uncertainty for employers and they are reluctant to take on permanent expense and head count for fear of another recession and ongoing government regulation.  

The moral of the story is, if you are not also accessing the jobs available through temp agencies, then you are not accessing the full complement of jobs available.