Keeping employees safe is our utmost concern and we do everything to make sure they go home the same way they reported for work.

  1. Safety inspections of new worksites – new customers are visited by our staff so we can see where our employees will be working. Any safety hazards in that workplace are pointed out to the customer. Our motto is “If we wouldn’t send our family members to work there, we won’t send our employees.” An unsafe work environment is not good business and we have walked away from many opportunities.  Our employees deserve to work in well lit, clean, safe areas so they can be productive and enjoy what they do.
  2. Safety orientation – new employees have an orientation about safe work environments, following safety rules, reporting hazards and asking questions. Assigned employees are told what they will be doing at the job site. If they are asked to do something different, they are instructed to call our office immediately.
  3. Written agreements with customers – each new customer has a written agreement that describes what their responsibility is in safety training and oversight. They supervise the work site and our employees and they must assure us that our employees will be treated the same as their own in matters of safety.
  4. We talk safety – in meetings, on our Facebook page, with each other. Our staff members are always reading articles, attending webinars and looking for new ways to convey the message that “safety is first”.
  5. Our insurance company participates – they have a risk manager that will do free on-site visits with our customers to make suggestions that keep all workers safe.

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