Being fired from your job can be a major setback to your career and life. However, you can look at it as a way to reinvent yourself and find a better job that fits your skills set and that you enjoy more. It can also be an opportunity to learn from mistakes such as always being late to work.

After you have had time to heal emotionally, seek a colleague or career coach to assist you in outlining your past accomplishments and rebrand yourself in the job market through your resume and online job applications. During your interviews, stress what you learned from the past experience and frame your answers to share that you look at this as a new opportunity to achieve your ultimate career objective. If the interviewer asks why you were fired, make it not about you. Examples include: the new boss wanted to bring in his own staff or the department was downsized or the company was restructured. This sounds better than admitting you lost your job due to performance issues.

Remember that getting fired is never as horrible as it sounds. This is a great opportunity to pursue a better position and a company culture that fits you.

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