Prior to furthering her education en route to an illustrious career with Crown Services, Michele dedicated her service to the United States Air Force as a Strategic Air Commander. She completed her basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

Michele’s fondest memory of her time with the United States Air Force was when she hit the ground running at boot camp. She took a major leap of faith as it was her first time flying on an airplane and also the first time ever being away from her family and home environment. She came into basic training 30 lbs overweight and after six weeks of grueling preparation lost 27 lbs and dropped four clothing sizes. Not only did she achieve her weight goal but became an outstanding member of her class. After struggling to jog a mile within the first week she transformed herself into a top performer. Michele completed the obstacle course in record time and shattered all goals that she set out for herself.

As apart of the USAF, Michele operated as a Flight Facility Supervisor in the Looking Glass role for two years. Michele was responsible for sourcing and maintaining costs of goods as well as the reporting for all personnel, maintenance and clients. She developed written standard operating procedures and instituted corrective action if any violation of company rules, procedure or policy occurred. She ensured that all equipment was kept clean and in excellent working condition and made sure that the entire staff was performing in accordance to all health and regulatory requirements. She would ultimately go on to receive an honorable discharge following her commitment to excellence.

Michele learned a great deal during her time spent with the United States Air Force. Some important values that she gained from this experience are teamwork, resilience, respect, honor and loyalty. There was a great camaraderie amongst her squad that was difficult to duplicate in any setting. She made an impact while on staff and learned to stand tall and walk with a purpose. She was able to learn about diversity and the differences that we share that make our country great. All in all, she learned how to work hard and put her best foot forward. This fortitude and dedicated work ethic has translated to her current role and we are thrilled to have her as Regional Operations Manager of Crown Services in Omaha, Nebraska!