June is National Safety Month. This is the perfect time for individuals, organizations and businesses to plan and participate in efforts to reduce the leading causes of unintentional injury and death at work, on the road, and in homes and communities.

We at Crown Services take the safety of our staff very seriously. We educate our staff through weekly tips on Wednesdays on our social media platforms. Our new website, which will be unveiled in a few weeks, will have a safety brochure, quiz and tips. In addition, our offices provide a general safety orientation before they are assigned to work at a business and our clients perform job site specific training. We put these processes and procedures in place to keep our staff safe.

Employees should work with employers to ensure a safe work environment. Employees should immediately report any unsafe working conditions to management. Also, employees should educate and review safety procedures on a regular basis.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Educate yourself on emergency plans and building layout
  2. Locate exit doors and be sure walkways are clear
  3. Be sure to have access to a flashlight and the batteries are charged
  4. Know where a fire extinguisher is located and how to use it
  5. Make sure a First Aid Kit is available and fully stocked

It is best to prevent accidents from occurring and to be prepared in case they do happen.