By Christy J. Clark, 7/9/2019

Are You Motivated?

What motivates you to go to work every day? Is it to support your family? Is it because you enjoy working with your colleagues? Is it because your career is your passion and it excites you?

Motivation can mean a lot of things.  Each of us may characterize motivation in a different manner. Motivation is defined as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Motivation is a powerful, yet tricky. Sometimes it is really easy to get motivated, and you find yourself wrapped up in a whirlwind of excitement. Other times, it is nearly impossible to figure out how to motivate yourself and you're trapped in a spiral of procrastination.

If you can’t get motivated in the beginning, then you’ll find that motivation often comes after starting. The most important part of any task is starting.

A lack of mental motivation is often linked to a lack of physical movement. If you’re physically moving and engaged, then it’s far more likely that you’ll feel mentally engaged and energized. This could be as simple as the act of writing.

Three R’s to Forming a Habit of Motivation

  1. Reminder – Set a reminder or image that triggers your behavior.
  2. Routine – Set a routine to work towards your goal (this could be setting a specific time aside or going to a special place).
  3. Reward – Reward yourself for reaching milestones with your goal. This will keep you motivated.

We can be so easily distracted with technology, conversations and details that we need to be disciplined to stay motivated to work towards our goals which are in a constant change and take us out of our comfort zone.