Business Continuity & Soft Skills in Today's Times

By Christy J. Clark, 4/2/2020

Business Continuity & Soft Skills in Today's Times

Companies are looking for ways to maintain consistent and stable operations in today's times. What soft skills should employees work on and companies support in training initiatives?

During these unprecedented times, companies are looking at how to maintain consistent and stable operations from processes to staffing to return on investment. Some companies may be even considering how to improve their efficiency.  Leadership is looking for staff members who are flexible, innovative and adaptable to changes. Companies today want employees that can solve difficult challenges and dream up creative and innovative ideas that technology cannot replicate.

The Top 10 Soft Skills Companies Are Looking for in 2020

1. Growth mindset: The ability to learn continuously and willingness to adapt to change

2. Creativity: Developing new ideas, applying new solutions to address existing opportunities

3. Focus: Harnessing concentration to make better short- and long-term decisions

4. Innovation: Improving upon an existing idea, concept or process to exceed a current outcome

5. Communication skills: Interpreting information though speaking, listening and observing

6. Storytelling: Organizing thoughts and data points into a comprehensive narrative

7. Culture awareness: Ability to effectively interact, work and develop meaningful relationships with those of various cultural backgrounds within the organization

8. Critical thinking: Objective analysis and evaluation of information and data in order to form an opinion

9. Leadership: Providing guidance within an organization

10. Emotional intelligence: Practicing control and observation of interpersonal relationships among people in a workplace

Employees should use this time to bolster their resume by learning new skills that will help them become better at what they do. Companies can improve employee retention by investing in training for current staff.