Change and Adapt to the Impact of Coronavirus

By Christy J. Clark, 3/17/2020

Change and Adapt to the Impact of Coronavirus

How are you and your company adapting to the impact of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is changing everyone’s lives. Some companies are seeing an influx in business while others are temporarily closing, leaving workers to file for unemployment or seek a new job. During this uncertain time, employers and employees need to be flexible and adapt to these changes.

Change is hard for almost everyone. It is a mindset. We must let go of the anxiety and forge forward. To be proactive, we need to think how can employees and employers collectively work together to support the company to stay open and thrive in the near future. Think outside the box for solutions.

Perhaps employees need to take on additional responsibilities or learn new skills. Employers should take this time to cross train staff so the company can maintain ultimate productivity in case an employee is absent due to illness. Maybe this is the time to start the project you have wanted to implement and just never had time. Now is the time to clean files and get your “to do” list completed.

If you find yourself unemployed, try a staffing company. This is a great opportunity to try out various jobs with companies needing additional staff who have had an unexpected surge in demand of their services or products.

For companies experiencing an increase in workload, we are your staffing partner to assist you to meet the influx of business.