Did You Know That Work is the Leading Source of Stress?

By Crown Services, 11/13/2018

Did You Know That Work is the Leading Source of Stress?

Work is a leading source of stress for adults, impacting both employee wellbeing and business outcomes. In fact, a third of employees report being stressed at work. 70% of people who feel stressed visit a doctor. Research has shown that stressed workers are less engaged, have reduced productivity, and have higher levels of absenteeism and turnover. What’s more, stressed employees have higher healthcare costs than their less-stressed peers. From depression to heart disease, the consequences of stress-related illnesses cost U.S. businesses.

Everyone deals with stress differently. Some people sleep more. Some eat comfort food. Some may feel depressed or sad or have anxiety . Some people shop. Some may exercise. We do what makes us feel temporarily better.

So how can you deal with stress in a healthy way?

1. Eat nutritiously

2. Get a good night’s sleep

3. Exercise to release endorphins which makes you feel better

4. Deep breathing exercises

5. Meditation: Personally I enjoy the app Insight Timer. You can listen to music to meditate a certain amount of time or you can have guided meditation.

This morning one of the news reporters for NBC 4 Columbus reported that Yoga and Meditation for high school students is up 6% and adults is up 8%. Yoga combines mindfulness and exercise. Have you thought about trying desk yoga to assist you and other staff members with stress? No fancy equipment needed and you can take a five minute break at your desk.

Another option is to consider a job change. Although looking for a job and the first day may be stressful, long term your stress level will go down and you can achieve work, life balance.

Stress is a part of life. It is unavoidable.  Learning to deal with stress in a positive way makes for a longer happier journey through life.