By Christy J. Clark, 12/18/2019

Does Tradition Exist in Jobs?

Even in a technical age, it’s not all about technical skills.

In the spirit of the holidays, this is the second blog about tradition and jobs. Tradition is defined as the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. Several soft skills are still a tradition in companies.

Even in a technical age, it’s not all about technical skills. In fact, in a report compiled by the International Association of Administrative Professionals, Office Team and, 67 percent of HR managers said they’d hire a candidate with strong soft skills even if that person’s technical skills were lacking.

The top 3 traditional soft skills that companies are looking for are:

  1. Communication consistently ranks among the most important skills for a candidate to have and that includes both verbal and written.
  2. An employee that is able to creatively problem solve creates tremendous value for the employer and makes himself indispensable
  3. Having a positive attitude is absolutely crucial if candidates want to stand out from their peers. It’s not hard to understand why employers value this skill so highly — it can help in nearly every situation you encounter in the workplace, from collaborating with others to identifying creative solutions.

Whether you’re one of the millions of Americans looking for a job, or currently employed but considering your next move, list these traditional soft skills to make your resume stand out. Some traditions remain strong. Happy Holidays!