Does Your Company Offer Continuing Education?

By Crown Services, 4/2/2019

Does Your Company Offer Continuing Education?

A major driving force increasing the demand for continuing education is the economy's current remarkable steady job-creation. Companies are scrambling to retain and hire qualified workers. It is during these times that while many people are changing jobs, employers can attract and retain workers by offering complimentary training.

Continuing education has proven to:

1. Increase productivity with cross training and coverage

2. Increase new innovative ideas to grow your business

3. Prepare staff for advancement within the company

4. Enhance staff morale leading to employee retention

Continuing education can take many forms:

1. Organize an annual company conference or retreat with staff training

2. Ask each employee to select a training workshop for one day during the year to attend

3. Encourage certifications or college courses with a reimbursement program

4. Provide monthly webinars for staff members

5. Partner with a local college or trainer

Businesses are constantly evolving and changing with the times. Employees need to keep their knowledge and skills current in their career field. Continuous learning is about encouraging employees to constantly learn by providing them with the tools that facilitate this learning.

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