Education and Skills Development in the Workforce

By Christy J. Clark, 7/24/2019

Education and Skills Development in the Workforce

College graduate completion rates are up, however, the numbers will surprise you! Only 58% of the students graduate with a degree in 6 years. Only 41% of the students graduate with a degree in 4 years.

Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and adult leaders have been pushing youth to obtain their 4-year undergraduate degrees. High school has become a factory of college prep. Some students do not have the desire, ability, or the finances to obtain a college degree. Luckily career technical schools are sprouting up to accommodate these students who can gain hands-on experience. Businesses support these technical schools by providing mentors and apprenticeships. If the company they perform their internship with does not hire them, they are hired by other companies standing in the wing.

Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age and beginning to exit the workforce. Manufacturing and technical companies who did not put in place a good succession planning strategy (and this is mostly the current case) are now scrambling to fill these jobs and are surprised that in the available workforce the skills are few or non-existent.  To further the heartbreak of the companies hiring is the low unemployment rate.

We at Crown Services recognize the workforce skills gap. We have partnered with Penn Foster to offer free online educational programs and apprenticeships to our staff and Field Associates. We work with our clients to develop these programs and match applicants.