By Crown Services, 8/23/2019

General Safety Quiz

1.) Which of the following items is NOT an example of PPE:

a. Steel toe boots

b. Ear plugs

c. Camouflage belt

d. Safety glasses

2.) In a work environment where there are operating forklifts you must:

a. Make sure you stay within designated walkways

b. Stay alert to make sure drivers see you

c. Watch for warning signs and other posted information

d. All of the above

3.) Machine guards are used to:

a. Protect the machines from scratches and dents

b. Stop untrained workers from playing with the machines

c. To protect all workers from the hazards of machines

d. Protect the machine from fire damage

4.) The process of locking a machine in a disconnected position and marking it with a tag is called:

a. Lock & Key

b. Locked an Loaded

c. Lockout/Tagout

d. Lock it/ Mark it

5.) A Safety Data Sheet contains____sections of specific information regarding

a. 5

b. 10

c. 8

d. 16

6.) Practicing Universal Precautions means you must:

a. Wear latex/ nitrile gloves when coming into contact with bodily fluid

b. Walk within designated walkways

c. Practice fire drills on a regular basis

d. Wash your hands every time you touch a machine

7.) Who is responsible for keeping a clean workspace?

a. The cleaning crew

b. The Safety Specialist

c. Everyone

d. The newest employee

8.) After an emergency evacuation you should return to your workspace only after:

a. The alarm turns off

b. Your supervisor has dismissed you from the rally point

c. You’ve waited at least an hour

d. You feel like it’s probably cleared up

9.) You suffer a minor injury on the job, you should:

a. Just ignore it

b. Tell your co-worker and see what he/she thinks you should do

c. Tell your immediate supervisor at the time of the incident and then contact your Crown office

d. Leave without telling anyone and head to the nearest doctor

10.) As a Crown employee it is your responsibility to:

a. Immediately report any unsafe work conditions

b. Wear the appropriate PPE requirements for your job

c. Notify Crown of any changes in job duties from the ones you were sent to perform

d. All of the above

I have reviewed the Crown Services General Safety Training documents before taking this quiz. I agree to answer each question to the best of my ability and follow up with my Staffing Coordinator if I do not understand the material.