By Christy J. Clark, 4/14/2020

Job Market & Staffing

Coronavirus changed the job market overnight. The effects will be long lasting and a game changer for many.

Coronavirus has changed the job market almost overnight. It will have long-lasting, game-changing effects on careers. There will be industries, companies and workers that benefit from this pandemic. Unfortunately, we have witnessed industries that have been severely damaged. People in these fields may lose their jobs and have difficulty finding new ones unless they have transferrable skills or learn new ones so they can transition into a different job.

Industries that will have an increase in demand for staff include warehouse and distribution (forklift operators, pick pack, assembly, etc.), drivers, service workers (grocery, convenient stores, and drug stores), technology specialists, some manufacturing companies and healthcare positions.

Now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of companies offering free online classes to learn a new skill to support a promotion or career change. Until the pandemic, free online courses were mostly unheard of. A number of colleges are offering free online courses and some come with certificates. Online course offerings include intro to accounting or coding, skills for receptionist, general office clerk, human resources assistant, first line supervisor, customer service, Google Platforms and more.  To discover and enroll in free online classes, Google free online classes during coronavirus or one website that is quite helpful is

To assist with the stress of uncertainty, be sure to have the skills needed for high demand jobs. Be a lifelong learner and take advantage of this opportunity of free online courses.