By Crown Services, 8/23/2019


Staff and Field Associate Safety is Our Priority!

Safety Policy Statement

Crown Services, Inc. management is committed to the protection of the health and safety of our employees and field associates.

Safety Guidelines

1. Protective Equipment

• It is your responsibility to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, PPE, that is provided.

• This may include safety glasses, long pants, steel toe boots or earplugs.

2. Moving Equipment

• Remain alert to your surroundings.

• Look for warning signs and other posted information.

• Follow designated walkways within your facilities.

• Watch for moving vehicles.

3. Lockout/Tagout

• All energy sources to a machine must be opened and locked in the disconnected position and marked with a tag to indicate the equipment must not be re-energized.

• All employees are prohibited from removing a lock and tag or trying to return power to the machine before the lockout/tagout procedure is complete.

4. Chemical Hazards

• Exposure to chemicals can be harmful to your health.

• All chemicals must be labeled.

• Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for details about chemicals. This sheet contains 16 sections of specific information about the chemical, such as first aid and proper storage.

5. Safety with Machines

• Everything from a small power tool to a large press can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

• Under normal circumstances, machine guards are in place to protect workers from the hazards of machines.

• Never remove any type of machine guarding or reach around the guarding.

6. Bloodborne Pathogens

• You never know if blood or bodily fluids are contaminated so you must protect yourself by practicing universal precautions.

• Universal precautions include wearing latex or nitrile gloves when about to come into contact with bodily fluids.

• When handling broken or sharp objects use tongs instead of your hands.

7. Good Housekeeping

• Keep floors clear of tripping hazards, clean up excess trash and debris, and store flammable materials in designated areas.

• Keep pathways to exits clear.

8. Emergency Response

• Emergencies can happen at any time.

• Make yourself familiar with exits, evacuation routes, and designated meeting places.

• When you are alerted to an emergency, report to your assigned rally point and remain until you are dismissed by your supervisor.

• In the event of severe weather go to the storm shelter nearest your work station.

Never work in unsafe conditions!

Report any unsafe work conditions to your local Crown Services Office.