By Christy J. Clark, 8/14/2019

Safety in the Workplace

It is Safe and Sound Week so it is the perfect time to discuss workplace safety. People working for staffing businesses should expect safety to be a priority.

How do staffing companies keep their Field Associates safe?

The staffing office must first communicate with the customer (host site) to determine responsibilities for both general safety training and site-specific safety training. The staffing office must conduct a site risk assessment to evaluate the physical hazards of the environment, special safety training needs, and the job duties involved.

In addition, the staffing company must conduct general safety training and then ensure the Field Associates know not only their job duties, but that they can meet the physical demands of the assignment at the host site, and fully understand the hazards of the work environment along with other factors such as temperature, air quality, heavy traffic, heights, etc.

We at Crown Services show safety videos and have our Field Associates take quizzes to ensure knowledge of safety. We also discuss personal protective equipment (PPE) and what we recommend for the job. This could include safety glasses, long pants, steel toe boots and/or earplugs. Our new website will have a special safety section for anyone looking for more resources.

It’s also important for the staffing companies to make follow-up calls to their Field Associates to verify that the job duties they were provided are accurate and that they received site-specific safety training along with making sure any concerns they have about their assignment are addressed.