Seniors & College Graduates Should Start their Job Search Now

By Christy J. Clark, 4/8/2020

Seniors & College Graduates Should Start their Job Search Now

Seniors and College Graduates should start their job search due to current high unemployment rate. They should consider working with a recruiter.

With the current level of high unemployment, finding a job can be a challenge as soon as you graduate from high school or college next month. Now is the time to start your search to get ahead of other graduates. Obtaining your first job after high school or college is a significant achievement.  Before you limit yourself to searching the internet and digital networking, consider working with a staffing specialist like Crown Services.

By working with a staffing business you broaden your job prospective to a larger range of companies – some you may have never heard of or considered. A recent survey found that college grads prefer to work for a company with fewer than 1,000 people but have trouble finding these positions. A staffing specialist can help you get noticed by the right people and companies.

A recruiter also saves you time. Instead of having to fill out dozens of applications at individual companies only to fall in the deep black hole, you can complete your application online and be ready when the right job comes along. This will put you ahead of other applicants who have not started the process.

After studying for four plus years, it’s still common to have a few questions about your chosen field. Often the reality of working in “the real world” is vastly different than it is in the classroom. By working with a staffing company, it’s easy to see how your high school or college studies translate into the corporate world.

While some healthcare students may think they want to work in a clinical setting, they may find that they don’t like working with people. Instead, they may find a lab setting a better fit.

With the temporary nature of work that a staffing company offers, recent college grads can try out a variety of workplaces before finding the right environment/company where they can thrive.

For new grads that do not have internship experience, working with a staffing company is a great way to strengthen your resume. By working with a variety of businesses, you can show that you have the portfolio of skills needed to succeed in a full-time position.

Some graduates may not want to consider taking a temporary position, but it can actually be an even better way to secure that full-time job. Many companies that work with staffing companies use temporary jobs to see if a candidate is the right fit for them. Often, they’ll hire those employees for a full-time job. Not only does this approach benefit the company, it also gives employees a great way to see if they like the company and want to start their career there.

Ensure you’re giving yourself the best career opportunities by working with a staffing specialist. Broadening your job prospects is easier and you’ll be more confident that you’re in the best position for your skills and goals.