By Christy J. Clark, 7/30/2019

Working For Crown Services

This week we are featuring Kim Widmann, who started as a Field Associate working various assignments before deciding to join our team as a permanent staff member in our Milwaukee office.

How did you find out about Crown Services?

My sister, Jennifer worked here right around the time I graduated from college. At the time, I was a Teaching Assistant in the Milwaukee Public School District and was looking for work in the summer. My sister mentioned Crown Services and I decided to pursue the opportunity.

What was your first and subsequent temporary assignments before becoming a permanent staff member at Crown Services?

When I started, we did not use computers in any capacity at Crown Services. So, my job was to file applications into the cabinets, document workers compensation/unemployment cases and answer phone calls that came through.

How long did it take you to become permanent - how did your roles and responsibilities change?

After working that summer, I continued to work as a Teacher Assistant. I came back and worked at Crown Services the next summer as well. During the following summer, I was mainly responsible for the data entry while we converted all of our information into computer systems. A full-time position was offered to me to fill in for one of our employees who went on maternity leave. Now, I am responsible for filling orders, communicating with companies who would like to utilize our services, correspondence with candidates and conducting interviews.

What are the most important skills you have developed?

Relationship building, computer proficiency and learning how to create appealing job postings

What accomplishment with Crown Services are you most proud of?

I am proud of the loyalty and longevity I have committed to Crown Services. They have been really good to me as well. I take pride in the relationships maintained between companies and clients. It is a great feeling to place a person in a position to succeed.

What is your favorite memory of working at Crown Services?

Paul and Leslie once had us all spend a weekend at their place up north and it was a terrific experience. We went boating, had barbecues and bonded much like a family would.