By Christy J. Clark, 9/18/2019

Working for Crown Services

How did you, Seth Albrecht, find out about Crown Services? The sales representative at our Nashville branch, Jared Slaughter is a good friend of mine. He explained what he did over the course of a few years with Crown Services and it sounded like an interesting opportunity.

What was your first and subsequent temporary assignments before becoming a permanent staff member at Crown Services?
I worked as a Coordinator on Tuesday-Thursday, so once I graduated from the University of Kentucky I was able to continue working as a Coordinator however in a greater capacity.

How long did it take you to become permanent - how did your roles and responsibilities change?
It took me one month to become a permanent employee. I became apart of the eventful Monday processes where we catch up on applications that came in over the weekend. Also, since Fridays are paydays I was able to partake in handing out paychecks to employees.

What are the most important skills you have developed?
I have learned that steady correspondence is key. Also, I have enhanced my sociability whether it be with co-workers, new employees, clients or potential candidates. Also, standard organization is pivotal so that you are able to readily access information when situations arise. That way, things run smoother and it takes the least amount of time to find the answers.

What accomplishment with Crown Services are you most proud of?
In June 2019, I fielded a phone call that resulted in us gaining a new client. The Juvenile Detention Center in Lexington called and was looking for kitchen workers. I fielded as many questions as I could and filled them in on the benefits that Crown Services could provide. I conducted a job site inspection of the facility.  Then, I collaborated with Karen at Corporate to develop a contract and bring that client onboard.

What is your favorite memory of working at Crown Services?
Attending the Coordinators meeting in South Florida. It was exciting to finally put faces to names and it was a valuable learning experience. We exchanged ideas about what works for each branch, their processes and how we can all receive the best outcomes moving forward.

Seth Albrecht