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Date Posted: 3/7/2024

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Job Description

General Overview The APDO Line Lead is responsible for the safe, efficient, and effective operation of equipment in VVF’s APDO Operations. Shifts are needed for 1st, 2nd & 3rd and these positions are a Direct Hire. 1st Shift: 8-4:30pm 2nd Shift: 4pm-12am 3rd Shift: 12am-8am Pay rate: $33.25 Preferred Qualifications: 1. Basic knowledge of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). 2. Experience rebuilding and overhauling packaging equipment. 3. Experience troubleshooting and running computer based diagnostics 4. Ability to read and interpret electrical schematics, technical drawings, hydraulic schematics and technical manuals. 5. Experience in maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing photo electrical registration systems. 6. Working knowledge of Lathe operation Physical Requirements: 1. Physical capability of moderate to heavy lifting, climbing stairs and/or ladders, climbing platforms over conveyors. 2. Must be able to work lying on back, kneeling, bending, or standing throughout the shift. 3. Must be able to work on overhead equipment using ladders, lifts, etc. 4. Must be able to stand and/or walk 100% of the shift. Key Responsibilities: Perform a wide variety of operations necessary to set up, operate, adjust, fill hoppers, clean, clear jams, maintain and repair diversified automatic and semi-automatic production machines and related equipment as assigned. Line Leads also maintain the 6s standard of cleanliness for the line, relieve other Line Leads, operate the line and material handling equipment safely, and in conjunction with other Op Techs, operate the line within established quality and productivity standards. 1. Performs a wide variety of work in more than one area (e.g. operations, mechanical, blending, etc.) 2. Provides leadership and direction to crew members to optimize business results and improve skills; plans for and allocates resources and implements systems including changeovers, planning, coordinating and execution of shift changes and breaks; operates, maintains and troubleshoots high speed packaging and processing equipment. 3. Prepares for and leads daily tie-in meetings; facilitates problem solving and conducts monthly shift meetings. 4. Provides direction, technical training and support to the technicians on the line to improve their individual skills level and raise capabilities of the crew and improve results. 5. Performs equipment maintenance including grease/lube, monitoring, maintaining, parts replacement, and direct work activities associated with preventative maintenance to ensure equipment is in peak operating condition. 6. Communicates with all crewmembers to ensure that tasks are properly assigned and resources allocated to effectively run the daily operations (i.e. lunch breaks, callouts, shift changes, etc.) and ensures workload is appropriately distributed, if appropriate. 7. Operates and repairs all machinery. 8. Analyzes and determines proper corrective action to resolve mechanical/electrical/pneumatic problems on any departmental equipment, using available resources. 9. Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and repairs machinery. 10. Modifies existing equipment to produce new packages/product. 11. Installs new equipment and performs preventative maintenance/lubrication. Analyzes equipment, recommends and implements design changes. Takes proactive measures to ensure continuous improvement of the line operation. 12. Participates in the development of work systems for the business including items such as operating principles identification, team meeting format, people/task identification, training/certification requirements, and on going results coordinating and tracking, etc. 13. Participates in communicating elements of the above systems to individuals new to the business. 14. Identifies and prepares work orders for mechanical and electrical repairs or overhauls. 15. Consistently demonstrates and adheres to all housekeeping standards. 16. Trains and conveys proper techniques to other team members, which will allow other members to acquire the necessary skills. 17. Repairs, maintains, cleans, and operates all relevant mechanical equipment pertaining to the production of the operation; 18. Troubleshoots equipment using pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical knowledge based systems. 19. Reads and interprets drawings and blueprints. 20. Performs all duties in a safe manner, utilizing current safety practices, personal protective equipment, and reporting procedures. Reviews all pertinent safety material before conducting new assignments. 21. Uses verbal and/or written information to produce a quality product. Reviews production schedules to help coordinate accurate production runs. Receives shift instructions from the Team Manager, and reviews the state and needs of the lines and teams upon beginning the shift. 22. Maintains and replenishes production materials on the Packaging floor. Moves materials, trash, rejected supplies, etc. with material handling equipment to designated areas for efficient use of disposition. 23. Checks, controls, operates, adjusts, sets up, maintains, repairs, changes over, cleans, replenishes, and clears jams for any equipment on the packaging floor. 24. Works as a team to resolve any operational and/or mechanical production problems. 25. Signals other operators, line technicians and/or other resources for assistance, information, etc. of material problems, machine trouble, or when adjustments are required as necessary. 26. Cleans around and under operating equipment using necessary tools, fills and dumps drums of scrap, disposes of debris, transports containers of scrap and debris to and from the lines for unwrapping, re-entry or removal, and operates the trash compactor, recycle compactor etc. and fills out appropriate documentation. 27. Receives and stores surplus material or product in proper area; removes excess supplies and pallets to assigned areas, and orders materials from the warehouse and disposes of used or rejected material. 28. Packs, seals and hand palletizes finished cases as required. 29. Unwraps boxed deodorant, re-packs, and re-enters good product into the lines. Dumps salvageable concentrate or packaged units. 30. Starts up, operates, and shuts down processes in accordance with Team Manager or operational instruction, JSA’s, etc. 31. Monitors gauges, controls, etc. for primary and auxiliary equipment to troubleshoot, communicates, and corrects problems to maximize production. 32. Monitors product quality, equipment operations, process performance and other daily operations; also including submitting daily, monthly, and quarterly counts as required. 33. Performs housekeeping, quality checks, safety checks and behavioral based safety audits, as well as clear jams and fill hoppers. Completes quality documentation as assigned. 34. Identifies and implements operational improvements. 35. Changeover equipment and qualify equipment for start-up. 36. Ensures GMP and FDA compliance by maintaining a safe, clean and orderly work area, and by completing all appropriate documentation correctly. 37. Diagnoses, troubleshoots and rectifies equipment operating conditions by adjustment and repair to maintain efficient operations, including the removal and replacement of non-functioning parts. 38. Maintains, dismantles, assembles, repairs and replaces worn, damaged and/or defective components such as detectors, seals, gaskets, bushings, gear, shafts, valves, etc. Uses current maintenance systems to review periodic maintenance needs, input and update work-orders. Comply with Lock-out/Tag-out (LO/TO) procedures to assure safe isolation of power sources. 39. Makes practical recommendations consistent with general trades knowledge to maintain and increase machine efficiency and reduce repair and/or maintenance costs. 40. Periodically checks machines for need of adjustment or repairs, oiling and greasing as scheduled, notifying supervision when major repairs are necessary and assisting in the major overhaul and/or replacement of major machine parts. 41. Performs a variety of ordinary tapping, drilling, filing, fitting, etc., operations in making repairs or making up repair parts using a variety of hand and/or bench power tools. 42. Sets up and loads machine, clears jams and spot checks parts for defects. Activates various controls to stop, reset, start and run the packaging equipment. Moves in-process materials and stock, as required. Maintains required records of production, scrap, etc. Performs standard line changeover. Reads, understands and follows department procedures for production operations, maintenance, repair and changeover. Operates all equipment as needed to maintain continuous operations. 43. Use downtime data in team setting to diagnose and improve production performance. 44. Identifies, takes action and makes recommendations regarding operational safety, process quality and production performance as appropriate within the scope of above Line Lead duties. 45. Follows waste materials handling procedures to properly control hazardous and non-hazardous materials. 46. Maintain a clean and orderly work area and report unusual operating difficulties to Team Manager. 47. Participate on Continuous Improvement Teams. 48. Performs general manual labor work. 49. Performs all duties in a safe manner, utilizing safety practices and procedures required by VVF and applicable law (e.g. OSHA, etc.), personal protective equipment, and reporting procedures. Reviews all pertinent safety material before conducting new assignments. 50. Monitors for, and reports unusual occurrences to management. 51. Maintains all equipment and facilities in a clean, orderly and operating condition. 52. Trains other employees as required. 53. Assists Operations and Maintenance as required. 54. Completes work orders as required. 55. Maintains skills training as required by VVF, regulations and permits. 56. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management. No task or duty is exclusive to a classification or skillset. An employee working in this classification is expected to perform various duties and tasks that traditionally may not have been assigned under a more narrow job classification.

Job Requirements

Basic Minimum Requirements: 1. Must have three (3) to five (5) years on-the-job experience working on packaging equipment to include maintenance and set-up, within the last seven-year period. 2. Must achieve acceptable scores on assessment testing. 3. Must demonstrate ability to read and interpret drawings and blueprints. 4. Must demonstrate analytical troubleshooting skills. 5. Must demonstrate ability to troubleshoot and/or repair electrical systems used on the packaging floor (motor resets, pneumatic valves, solenoids, sensors, etc.). 6. Must demonstrate ability to troubleshoot and/or repair pneumatic and mechanical systems used on the packaging floor. 7. Must demonstrate basic machining skills (drill presses, powered hand tools, precision measuring, assemble/disassemble complex machine components, pump operation and repair, etc.). 8. Must pass a training program to operate equipment on packaging floor. 9. Must be able to operate a fork truck and pass the required fork truck-training program. 10. Must be able to work any shift, and overtime as required. Other Required Skills: 1. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. 2. Must demonstrate leadership skills (communications, teamwork, problem solving, decision making). 3. Must demonstrate strong work ethic and self-motivation.

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